Attractive Playroom DIY Projects To Transform The Room 27
Attractive Playroom DIY Projects To Transform The Room 27

44 Attractive Playroom DIY Projects To Transform The Room

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Creating a chemical free playroom or kid’s room for your child can be easy and fun when you have the right resources. We have put together some helpful tips to consider when creating a fun and safe play area for your child.

Eco-friendly flooring can be a great way to start off a green playroom. The best options for your child and the environment include: cork flooring, wood flooring and bamboo flooring. Cork flooring is available at many home stores and is produced sustainably, without damaging the tree, by trimming the bark. Wood flooring is another good option as there are many options and it is widely available. If you choose wood flooring, make sure is it FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Bamboo flooring provides the same timeless look as wood, is a highly renewable resource, and is harder than its wood flooring counterpart. Another great benefit about cork, wood, or bamboo flooring is they can be easily transitioned when the room is needed for another purpose after the kids are gone. You could even extend the look into other areas of the home for a remodel project.

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Rugs and Play Mats
Floor coverings provide a great way to make defined areas for play or create a soft landing pad. Floor coverings can bring together a room’s color scheme and make an impact on the overall room design! When you are looking for floor coverings for your child’s room, choose PVC-free play mats (typically soy foam) and natural fiber rugs including: wool, jute, sisal, hemp, or bamboo.

Wall Paint
We have all heard stories about the chemicals that can be hiding in paint. The good news is-there are many safe options available on the market today. Eco-friendly options for “standard” paint can be found by looking on the labels at your local store for low or zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints. Other, more eco-friendly options are becoming easier to find, such as milk and clay paints. Clay paints are available in a variety or tones and can be brightened by adding tints. Clay paint can be used like any conventional paint. Milk paint is another great option, which typically comes in powder form and can be customized by you ranging from full coverage to a wash thickness! Before going to the paint store, make sure to get an estimate for the amount of paint needed for your child’s playroom by measuring the room. This will help save space in storage areas and will help the environment, too!

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