Fascinating Camper Makeovers That Will Amaze You 31
Fascinating Camper Makeovers That Will Amaze You 31

44 Fascinating Camper Makeovers That Will Amaze You

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Sometimes older campers need a simple face lift or a complete makeover and if you’re a camper owner, it’s helpful to know how to renovate a camper. Many campers have lasted the test of time and good brands like a Scotty, Air Stream and Scamper can last for 30 or more years and still hold up to constant use with very little repair over time. However, if you have a camper that is over 20 years old, you probably need to renovate it a bit, repair some problem or simply update the appointments for better functionality. Whatever the reason that you want to work on your trailer, here are some tips about how to go about renovating a camper.

Where to Find Older Replacement Parts
If you have an older camper and need to find replacement parts that are hard to find, one of the best places to search is on websites like Craigslist and Iwana. You can easily put in a free add under the recreational vehicle section and list what part you need along with the model and year information. Many times, you will hear back from several people who want to sell the part or know of where to find the part. Since many original parts are hard to find on older units and are also more expensive if you even do find them, this is an economical way to pick up just what you need. Of course, you can look online for companies that offer older parts, but you will generally pay a lot more.

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What to do If You Don’t Find What You need
If you just can’t find a replacement part for you camper, simply improvise. There are many updated parts that will either fit or you can improve the space and function so that you can make the new part fit and look just right. If you have a hard time in doing this, just take your trailer to an RV repair shop and most likely someone there can customize the camper to fit your new part. This may of course cost more, but the work will be guaranteed and it’s certainly much cheaper than having to buy a new camper.

Find a Custom RV Repair Shop to Renovate
There are several custom RV shops found online that offer full service renovation or piece by piece restoration services. Most people who customize and repair older campers charge by the hour and are very expert at understanding the various makes and models and where to find parts. Many also know how to restore an older camper to its original glory if that’s what you really want.

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