Best Ideas For Home Stairs Design With Aquarium 59
Best Ideas For Home Stairs Design With Aquarium 59

30+ Best Ideas For Home Stairs Design With Aquarium

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Setting up a freshwater aquarium can be fun! But do you already have an idea on which freshwater aquarium fish to purchase? There are plenty of them and you’ll surely be having a hard time in choosing them.

To help you come up with good choices, here’s a list of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish that will surely capture your heart:

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The Siamese fighting fish is scientifically named as “Betta Splendens” and is otherwise known as “betta fish” or “betta”. From the name itself, you immediately get the idea that it hails from an Asian country. You’re absolutely right because the Siamese fighting fish hails from Thailand or Cambodia. The people there refer to the Siamese as pla-kad or trey krem (“Fighting fish”). If you’re low on a budget, the Siamese could be an awesome choice. There are nearly 50 types of betas, but the Siamese is the most popular especially in the US. Plus, it doesn’t even cost you a lot. They’re inexpensive because their descendants lived in oxygen-poor environments and so they can live with or without all the expensive and sophisticated filters and aerators.

Scientifically known as Symphysodon aequifasciatus, the Blue Discus have been greatly appreciated by aquarists ever since the 1920s. Discus fishes hail from the Amazon Rivers in South America. They are a genus from the three species of the cichlids which prefer to live on lakes, deep puddles and smaller rivers and streams. Since the waters of the Amazon River are acidic, The Discus should rather be provided with a pH between 6.0 and 6.5. These species are not very competitive at all, so placing them in the same aquarium with the more assertive ones, Discus fish will surely die from malnutrition. There are still other considerations for these species. So, if the Blue Discus captures your heart, make sure to research more about it, so you won’t be making the Blue Discus’ days blue.

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