Brilliant Ironing Station Ideas For Every Space 33
Brilliant Ironing Station Ideas For Every Space 33

44 Brilliant Ironing Station Ideas For Every Space

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Ironing is a chore and whilst some people may find the monotony of the process therapeutic, for most it is at best a necessary evil and at worst something that is just not undertaken at all, leading to a creased and scruffy appearance.

With some creative effort, it is possible to come up with various ways to improve the ironing experience.

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Firstly, if you are going to be doing a lot of ironing in one go, make sure you are comfortable. This includes having comfortable shoes because you will be standing up for a long period of time. Alternatively you may find it more comfortable to sit down to do the ironing although you will still need to stand up to hang up the freshly ironed clothes and to get the next garment that you are going to press.

Which ever way you are going to work at the ironing board, make sure you have a board that can be adjusted to suit your height. This will help avoid strain on your back, legs and hands. There are a number of ironing boards that can be adjusted to whatever height you want and not just in fixed increments, however if you are tall, you will need to find a board that can extend sufficiently for your needs.

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