Marvelous Apartment Wall Gallery Decor Ideas With Farmhouse Styler 42
Marvelous Apartment Wall Gallery Decor Ideas With Farmhouse Styler 42

30+ Marvelous Apartment Wall Gallery Decor Ideas With Farmhouse Style

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Well, you’ve finally moved into your new apartment. That’s great, but now you’re faced with the same old problem, how do you decorate it? If you’re just a renter, it’s not like you can hang wallpaper without permission; and painting a mural on the wall is definitely out of the question, even if you possess the talent to do so. Even if you purchased your apartment, do you really want go through the time and expense of doing that – not to mention the mess.

Custom Wall Graphics to Decorate your New Home
One option you might want to consider are custom wall graphics, also called wall murals. These go by a few different brand names, Wallies, Wallhogs and Fatheads being the most well known. Custom wall graphics are a great option for decorating because they go up easily and don’t damage the walls when it’s time for them to come down. Compare that to wallpaper which leaves a mess and residue when taken down and inevitably ends up damaging the wall underneath. Wall murals are self-adhesive and can be stuck to any smooth wall surface. Unlike traditional posters, however, they do not only come in a single-size rectangular format, they can be cut into the silhouettes of the subject matter, so that you can remove the background, leaving only the things you like and want to see all the time on your wall murals. These custom wall graphics also come in a wide range of sizes from a foot tall all the way up to six and a half feet.

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Wall Murals that Last and are Scratch Resistant
Custom wall graphics are durable and scratch resistant and can be moved and reused multiple times without being damaged or losing their adhesiveness. The great thing is that you have a choice of selecting an image from the company’s library of pictures or figures, or submitting a photo of your own to have printed and made a custom wall graphic. Your photo can be of anything, from a masterpiece painting you’ve photographed hanging in a gallery or museum, to a photo of you and your spouse on your wedding day, to an action photo of your child hitting a home run in the big game or dancing her heart out at her first recital – the options are practically endless.

Disney-room for your Kids or your Oasis
Wall murals are a particularly great choice for kid’s rooms and nurseries. Imagine being able to create an adorable room for your child with silhouettes of animals or cartoon characters and simply taking them down as your child outgrows them, replacing them with superheroes or sports figures or – well just about anything your child is interested in. They can then be reused multiple times, saving the expense of having to redecorate with each addition to your family. Custom wall graphics also come in more mature themes such as plants and animals, landscapes or simple wall borders and backgrounds that can be used in other rooms.

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