Catchy Monochrome Kitchen Themes Ideas For Decoration 2019 45
Catchy Monochrome Kitchen Themes Ideas For Decoration 2019 45

30+ Catchy Monochrome Kitchen Themes Ideas For Decoration 2019

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Gray is one of the most common and preferred colors for homes nowadays. However, such hue emits an almost bachelor pad appeal for homes. You can still make your home feminine and relaxing even with gray as your main hue at home by following some of these tips.

Adding a few bright and soft colors to tone down the gray and solid appeal of your homes is not as difficult as you think it is. You can soften the look of your monochrome design with a few pops of red in the area. You can place accessories such as your wall clock, framed prints or even red rugs to add a hint of feminine in your home areas. A red Eames chair or bright pink ottomans can also standout in your single-themed designed living areas. Black out blinds in white or light blue can definitely add curves in the solid style your room has.

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Green is also a nice hue that will blend perfectly with your monochrome design. Faux plants strategically placed in your center table as well as in your dining area will add a different vibe into your homes. Plants can really do a lot to add color and life to the room, whether fake or not. You can have plastic plants for areas in your home that rarely has sunlight and real ones in areas like your kitchen and living rooms.

Adding a few pieces of d├ęcor here and there can spice up the look of your home. A brass jewelry holder in your room can definitely up the feminine look in the area. Cardboards that spell read or love in your living area wall can make the look of the room fun and undeniably feminine. Flower fabrics as lamp shade covers and a sofa printed with big flowers can also bring a lot of texture and interest into your home areas.

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