Perfect Colloge Room Design Ideas For Girl 43
Perfect Colloge Room Design Ideas For Girl 43

30+ Perfect Colloge Room Design Ideas For Girl

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Four years ago my husband and I moved our daughter into her freshman dorm room #316. First to arrive, she chose bed “A.” When her roommate arrived she had to take bed “B.” The girls spent the afternoon unpacking.

The more time I spent in the room, the more I realized it was not fit to live in. The carpet was stained with fluid from the air conditioner, the cinder block wall had corroded from a leaky shower in the adjacent bathroom, and particles from the dry wall ceiling fell gently on bed B.

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I went to the campus housing office to report the damages and was told the girls could live in the room #318. The layout was the same as room #316 except for one difference – the location of the door. The door to room #316 was off to one side, while the door to room #318 was in the center of the wall.

When we were alone, my daughter confided, “I’m happy we changed rooms. When my roommate arrived, I could tell she was unhappy because she had to live on the bad side of the room, and I had taken the good side. In our new room, we both have good sides.”

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