Easy Outdoor Decoration Ideas For Independence Day 46
Easy Outdoor Decoration Ideas For Independence Day 46

30+ Easy Outdoor Decoration Ideas For Independence Day

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An Independence Day party is not only a time to get together with friends and family, it’s also a day to remember and appreciate what our founders have done and sacrificed on our behalf. It’s our country’s greatest celebration, a time when we forget about our differences. We forget about religious and political discrepancies and prejudices, and unite to celebrate our freedom.

Independence Day has become a day of hot dogs, fireworks, picnics and backyard barbecues decorated in red, white and blue. Shop for items decorated in a patriotic theme after Independence Day; you can get the items at a reduced price and save them for next year. On the other hand, your party might be this year and you need decorations now. Line the bottom of bowls that will hold chips with red, white and blue napkins. Match them with small red, white and blue bowls for dip. Entrees are easy- people expect foods hot off the grill. Hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken are perfect.

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Be sure to have food options that are low in fat like turkey or veggie burgers for guests that can’t have regular hamburgers. Also, be sure to have plenty of outdoor games to keep everyone entertained while they are waiting for the fireworks to start; organize a softball or volleyball game. Sparklers and snaps are a fun and entertaining way for kids to get involved. Just make sure all kids are supervised by an adult while handling sparklers.

For the final touch, bake a cake topped with blueberries for the blue part of the U.S. flag and strawberries and whipped cream for the stripes. What party would be complete without cake, and what better cake to use then one decorated with a patriotic theme.

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