Genius DIY Lantern For 4th Of July Decoration Ideas 48
Genius DIY Lantern For 4th Of July Decoration Ideas 48

30+ Genius DIY Lantern For 4th Of July Decoration Ideas

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Hosting a party or family gathering this Independence Day? How about celebrating Independence Day this year with a little less dependency on Mother Earth? For a greener 4th of July party – one which won’t have you sheepishly hauling loads of garbage bags on your next garbage pick-up day – follow these 4 simple guidelines. Call your eco-friendly gathering a token of apprecation, a birthday gift to your homeland, your own salute to the union.

Rather than searching for menu items and decor that come from afar this Independence Day, try looking a little closer to home. For the decor, consider what natual elements from your yard or local farmer’s market might create a relaxed and homey look and reflect your sense of place. Leaves, shells or river stones make pretty placeholders. Simply write your guests’ names on the leaf, shell or stone with a permanent non-toxic marker. For take-home gifts, pick up tree saplings at your local nursery and tie a name tag or thank you card to the stem.

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For the menu items, see what local items are at the farmer’s market or grocer’s. Eating low on the food chain, choosing organic meats and produce, and favoring your local farms are all sustainable choices that will bring an element of hometown patriotism and charm to your event.

Old jam jars become mugs. Upturned wine glasses become classy candle holders. Juice frozen in a bundt pan becomes a floating ice sculpture in the punch bowl. There are so many creative ways to create a festive atmosphere without buying factory-made decorations. Burlap placemats or table runner? Love it! This DIY blogger will show you how.

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