Awesome Container Garden Flowers Ideas For Beginner 01
Awesome Container Garden Flowers Ideas For Beginner 01

30+ Awesome Container Garden Flowers Ideas For Beginner

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When a flower arrangement is completed by a florist,there is always the creative placement of taller blooms in your arrangement in one area while shorter blooms are placed elsewhere. This gives your bouquet that pleasing eye look and comfortable feeling. I concluded you could perform the same creative work with your container gardening flowers.

Why use just one size pot? Why not entertain the idea of using variable size pots in your flower containers. This will give your guests or friends a tremendous visual impact. The use of props hanging around your garage or garden will increase the visual concept of your container. I took the following steps in my garden by placing a tall container on a stump with a smaller container by its side and with the use of an old hand water pump placed behind the two giving a depth to the arrangements. I also placed a container or pot in front of the stump mixed with other flowers already planted in this garden. This resulted in a real visual and beautiful arrangement.

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The use of old upturned empty pots,stacks of tiles or bricks or even a low table or old chair with other pots grouped around it makes quite an impression. While traveling around my area or other parts of the country,I found the placement of pots of flowers on the front stairway to be a good arrangement.

The use of intensely colorful flowers on each edge of the stairway to the door was quite a site indeed. A ladder or ladders can also be used to form a multi level plant stand.

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